“Gangnam sTILE!”


“Oppan Gangnam Style”

If you’re not familiar with this, please do yourself a favor and google it.  Here’s the Wiki.  Here’s the YouTube video.  And you have to check out the SNL spoof – it’s awesome but the Hulu link appears to be currently down.

Back to house stuff.  Good news, no, great news.  One of the remaining big aesthetic items is underway – TILE!  The majority of it has been laid in both bathrooms except the shower portion.  And the grout isn’t in yet either.  But, alas, progress!  Check it:

That’s the hall bathroom.  And the next two are the master (again, please pardon the lighting).


You can see the tub surround has been started as well.  That will probably be up by our next trip out there.  And to clarify, the tiles in both bathrooms are the exact same.  The colors look different due to the lighting.

Now, we just need to finalize our paint choices.  We found some exterior lights we like but don’t love, so we’re going to keep looking and have them as our fall-back option.  We also are looking for fans for the two spare bedrooms.  The ceilings are fairly low so its tough to find a flush-mount fan that looks decent with good reviews.



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  1. Om man kan äta smörgÃ¥sen med bara handen som intrument, varför är det dÃ¥ fel att äta andra saker pÃ¥ samma sätt? Tex pizza, majs, kyckling, mandlar, stora gr¶ansaksbitÃr etc (utan smetig sÃ¥s överallt förstÃ¥s). Det är ingen relaistisk orsak att man enbart kan äta brödbiten med smör pÃ¥ med händerna.För mig fÃ¥r maten ytterligare en dimension om jag fÃ¥r känna pÃ¥ den (gäller inte alla maträtter),

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