Surprise, Surprise!


After being in the works for about a month or so, I was able to secretly move all most of the stuff in the apartment to the house.  Friday was the absolute last day I could’ve pulled off the surprise move since Kathleen was wanting to move Saturday, but the floors were completed just in time.  So with the help of a vacation day, my dad, and lots of luck we did it!


Pardon the ghastly complexion, it was getting dark when I took these pictures (and I’m an accountant so I’m pale as sh…).

Without further ado, here’s the house:

Hall bath:


Master bath/laundry:


New fans in each bedroom:

New water heater:

And finally, my light fixture!



I’m a bit biased, but damn is that cool!

On a side note, our new address is in AT&T’s Uverse service (cable and internet) area so we were lucky enough to say “goodbye” to TWC and switch back to Uverse (which is so much better I can’t even describe it).  The problem was, they didn’t have any openings to install it until November 27th.  That meant either no football during Thanksgiving, or I’d have to run out and grab an antenna.  Which brings me to another pleasant surprise…  They called Saturday morning at 8:45 to tell us they were en route to the house to install our service.  One small problem, we weren’t going to be there until at least 11 due to a prior commitment (the Color Run).  So, we asked if they could come later (which they did) and now we have internet and TV in our house about 2 weeks sooner than expected.  *Also, with Uverse I can control the TV with my phone!

This led to some fun tricks on Kathleen until I accidentally gave my secret away.

As for the house, it doesn’t have heat or hot water yet.  That is scheduled for today.  We used space heaters to stay there on Saturday just for fun but it was back to the apartment last night so we could have hot showers.  Also this week are: the alarm install (today), new windows (anytime), shower glass, and blinds (hopefully this week but Thanksgiving may push it to next).  There are still small things that need to be fixed inside and even more stuff outside, but once the heat is on we can move in for real!

Last thing.  That issue we had last week with the “doll bath” and the pedestal sink and new master vanity looking really tiny have been remedied.  The issue was the lack of perspective on the wall.  With nothing but a vast expanse of blue wall above each bath fixture, they looked teeny tiny.  But, once the lights and mirrors were put up all was well.

I’ll get some more pictures up as we get unpacked and settled and as more of the outside gets finished.


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