Insert Greatest Picture Post Ever


At last, the ultimate before and after blog post.  Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of pictures!  Also, please note that some of the “after” pictures contain various items (junk, un-hung pictures, clothes, a dog, etc) that are definitely NOT endorsed by Kathleen as “blog-post appropriate.”  If that sort of stuff offends you, then this post is definitely NSFU (Not Safe For You).  Pic Dump – Initiate…

We’ll start with the front door (note, my brother-in-law’s dog):

door old  door new

The den/1st room by back door:

den1 old  den1 new

den2 old  den2 new

den3 old  den3 new

Things to note: on the second row of pictures, I’m pushing hard for a kegerator/keezer to go under the bank of 3 windows (I need your help!).  Please text/email/message your congresspersonKathleen showing your support.

Dining Room:

dining old  dining new

Things to note: the Christmas tree which will not always be there, der.  And, the boring blank far wall.  That is where I’m wanting to put our artwork-in-progress.  I mentioned it way back in the colander-light post.  Basically, I’m looking for three 15 x 39 wooden louvered shutters.  Its proving difficult to find some that meet my required adjectives whilst being a reasonable price.  On these shutters, we have a box full of antique kitchen gadgets to hang.  If it is ever completed, I think it will look really, really neat.

Hall bathroom:

hall bath1 old  hall bath1 new

hall bath2 old  hall bath2 new

Things to note: there is a brown, white, and blue shower curtain on there now.  I was too lazy forgot to take a newer picture.

The “Boring” bedroom:

boring1 old  boring1 new

boring2 old  boring2 new

Things to note: the dog crate, and stuff on the bed is my brother-in-laws fault – yay for our first out-of-town guest (I think)!

The “TRIPPY” room:

trippy1 old  trippy1 new

trippy2 old  trippy2 new

Things to note: remember that painting from David French we were wanting?!?  That’s it on the bed!  Thanks Clay and Brad!  Also, Kathleen’s dad spurred an idea for some artwork to adorn one of the walls in this room – we’re going to make a painting incorporating all of the original colors!

The Living Room:

living1 old  living1 new

living2 old  living2 new

Things to note: Once we get some money we’re owed from the bank, we’re going to seriously upgrade our tv set-up ^smiley face.  Also, Kathleen and her brother Robby are out shopping for a rug to put in here today.  Fingers crossed they pick something cool!  I like oriental rugs, they don’t.  I think I’m going to lose this battle…

The Master Bedroom:

master1 old  master1 new

master2 old  master2 new

master bath-closet old  master bath-closet new

Things to note: we’ve still got some art to hang in here (talk about procrastination!).  Also, I really get a kick out of the change in the old master bathroom area.

Master Bathroom (its a new room so there are no old comparison photos):

new bath1  new bath2

And that concludes this very long and very picture-y post.  Now come see it in person!


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