A little DIY


We were having another issue in the kitchen in addition to the pinch-the-crap-out-of-your-fingers knobs.  The water pressure was horrible.  The old faucet, while nothing to stare at, wasn’t hideous.  But, the water pressure still wasn’t there after cleaning out the screen and everything.  So, off to Home Depot to grab a new one.  We found one that looked pretty nice for about $200 (I think it is called the Moen Reflex or something like that).

Upon first glance under the sink (last Wednesday), I decided against doing it myself because it was really tight behind the sink and I didn’t want to be without a kitchen faucet until Burt came back.  Fast forward a few days to Saturday morning –  I’m up pretty early (earlier than K, as usual) so I decide to try and tackle this project on my own.  Way easier than I thought.  The new sink was in and working like a charm in under an hour.  And the water pressure problem was solved to boot.  Check out the before and afters:

photo 1 photo 4

photo 2 photo 3


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