Hello Strangers


Sorry for the lack of posts, not much in terms of house updates have been going on.  Here are a few things:


This is a iphone music amplifier made out of a piece of bamboo.  Kathleen saw one online and wanted it, after seeing the price tag ($40) I opted for the homemade route.  And it works!  Here’s the link for the original (with video).  I tried the best I could to copy the design while trying to make it look half decent.  The process went something like this: sawed down some bamboo, cut each end at a 45 degree angle, and used my dremel to make an iPhone sized hole in the top.  I also used the dremel to saw out the inner bamboo joint that separates the segments and to sand down the bottom to be flat.  Final cost: free + an hour of my time.


This is the plantation shutter we ordered for the sidelight.  It took about twice as long to get delivered as the blinds because it had to be custom made.  After seeing how skinny the actual louvers are, we would’ve just opted for blinds there.  Oh well, hindsight’s 20/20.


The most recent addition (about 9:30 last night) is this little guy.  My mom gave us the idea for something like this and we just needed the tools to hang it.  One masonry drill bit from Home Depot, a slightly outdated drill borrowed from the rents, and a couple battery recharges later…voila!  Though I was starting to get used to the rubberbanded bundle of letters lying on the front mat everyday after work.

Now to wait until its nice outside and we can start some work in the yard.  We’ve already started a compost pile.  Summer projects will hopefully include a rain water barrel, subbing grass for mud, shrubbery, and an herb garden.  I might try and grow some hops as well.  Oh, and I’ve been dying to try to make soap, too.  That is all for now – Happy Tuesday!


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