Adventures in Rug Buying


This weekend we went hiking at Crowder’s Mountain; it was a lot of fun.  Crowder’s is about 1/2-way to this gigantic rug outlet in Gaffney that Kathleen’s been talking about so we drove the extra 25+ miles to check it out.  This wasn’t our first time trying to find a rug.  We have had a hard time coming to an agreement on anything.  Kathleen likes modern looking rugs that always seem to be light blue, while I like Persian-looking rugs with lots of red.  Well, we found one we both were okay with but it looked so huge hanging up we were positive that it wouldn’t fit in the room.  The woman helping us said over and over to let her take it down and it will look smaller “I promise!”  Well, she was right.  Once on the ground, we decided to bring it home with us.  And it could not have been one millimeter longer.

hanging rug

rug1 rug2

At this point we were worried it was too big – I mean it is on top of the base board (which you’ll see below).  Our next problem was getting the furniture on it and having the lines look nice.  We had the rug lined up right against the walls which looked weird with the furniture on it.  Then we realized it would still fit if we pulled it out from the wall on the left a foot or so, and that made a huge difference.

rug3 rug4

We’re still worried it may be too big and that we spent more than we were planning.  But I think it looks nice and it would be a two hour road trip to return it.  Also, it fits now and its a nice rug so we should have it for wherever we live next.

rug6 rug5

There are the edges where it comes up onto the baseboard on both sides.  Its not a huge deal since these parts are mostly covered by the furniture.  Below is another view:


Here’s the peach in Gaffney.  Does anyone watch House of Cards on Netflix?!?  This makes an appearance.  And our first snow accumulation in Charlotte in two years!

peach snow

We also welcomed some family to Charlotte over the weekend.  They’re in the Vue uptown and here’s the view (ahem, Vue) of the sunset…

sunset from vue

What an awesome place!

Lastly, I don’t think I ever put this up but we found some wall candle holder thingies a few weeks ago for the bathroom.  They were a steal (like $10/each) and look pretty cool.


Until next time…


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  1. Love the rug…I agree with K, the light blue looks much better than the red….I would consider choosing a paint in red though. Remember you are decorating the entire cube…Best, B

    • Gratulerer med Awarden! Den har du virkelig fotSnenr!tyjd jeg ikke ble med pÃ¥ den siste Broer som Binder, men jeg var pÃ¥ ferie uten data. FÃ¥r komme sterkere tilbake i August! Syns Broer som Binder er virkelig spennende og morsomt!Ha en fortsatt trivelig sommer:)

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