Mmmm, Beer.


We may be moved in.  We may be settled.  But, please god don’t look in our closets – that’s where all the junk goes to hide.  So, we started Operation Closet Cleanup this weekend.  Didn’t make it too far because more fun activities called, but we started.  And that’s what counts.

My homebrewing crap equipment and supplies are the main culprit to the clutter.  We decided to start there:

closet before  back closet before

The left picture is the hall closet.  The right one is one side of the back bedroom’s closet.  Any box you see contains either empty bottles, homebrew bottles, or delicious craft brews that we forgot about (thus explaining their continuing existence).  Oddly enough, the box of “wine” is actually the one box not filled with alcohol but antique kitchen gadgets for that wall art project with shutters I mentioned a while back.  Here’s the post cleanup shots:

closet after  back closet after

We still need to rearrange a bit of stuff but how much better is that?!?  Too bad we quickly filled that empty space back with other boxes.  How did we accomplish such an incredible task?  Behold…

new storage

That’s a pretty nice filing cabinet right there.  We found it at the local Habitat ReStore for $45.  For a savings comparison, here’s a link to a similar one for sale at Staples.  $200!  Nice!  Here are the “files:”

new storage 3  new storage 2

Each drawer can hold a case with room to spare in the back.  Ta-Dah!


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