All Hail the Sun!


Well, we haven’t much to share so we haven’t much seen the point in blogging.  But after last weekend’s weather how could you not just want to get outside and get DIRT-y?!?  We spent the better part of both days planting azaleas in the front of the house.

before2   before1

after1   after2

They look (and are) small but they will grow into beautiful beasts in the next few years (hopefully).  I also decided to start a small “garden.”  By garden I mean two tomato plants and as many cilantro and basil plants as I can get growing.

herbs   garden

I’ve got high hopes for the tomatoes.  They are in a spot that gets sun for the whole day – who’s ready for tomato pie?!?

There was also a large area under where the dumpster was during renovation that was covered in THOUSANDS of tiny pieces of broken (and sharp) glass.  The easiest way of making the yard a little more barefoot friendly was by digging a hole and burying the top layer of glass-infected grass/dirt.  That was hard on my back and seemed to take forever, but worth it.

As for future outdoor projects, we’ve got our landscaping neighbor coming by this week to aerate and put down grass seed.  I also want to trim back the rosemary bush and rose bushes.  Loving that vitamin D, though!


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